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Riverwalk Debt Solutions, Inc.

Riverwalk Debt Solutions, Inc. (RWDS), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Riverwalk Financial Corporation (RFC). RFC is in the business of offering diverse services to consumers, including financial planning, asset servicing, debt resolution, student loan relief, tax resolution, credit restoration, and other financial services.

Riverwalk Student Loan Relief is also in the business of assisting consumers with programs governed by the Department of Education. The Company provides information and free quotes to consumers for programs in which they might qualify. RWDS, along with it’s affiliates, ultimately provides a complete consolidation application that is submitted to the Department of Education for approval.

The Company applies the highest standards of ethics and integrity to every aspect of its operations. RWDS seeks first to fully understand the needs of its clients, and then provide solutions for those needs with unwavering passion and commitment.

Regulatory Compliance Commitment – RWDS is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of industry compliance, including:

  • Member of International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators
  • Certified Debt Specialists – RWDS Debt Specialists are certified by the International
    Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and have years of experience working in the financial services industry.
  • Certified Student Loan Specialists – RWDS Student Loan Specialists are certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and are trained to help you with your federal student loan debt.
  • Bonded – RWDS carries a Surety Bond for its clients’ protection.

Disclaimer: Riverwalk Debt Solutions is a private company and is not a branch of or affiliated with the Department of Education nor is it endorsed by any Federal, State, or Local government agency. RWDS is a document management and processing organization that prepares documents for consolidation through the Department of Education.

RWDS is not a bank or lender and does not underwrite loans, create or make loans, negotiate with lenders, pay off debts, negotiate debts, alter debts or decrease interest rates and principal balances on any types of loans.

To facilitate paperwork for a borrower or client through the Department of Education, we will need to get permission to access, review and store the borrowers/clients 4 digit Federal Pin Number. We will not certify to false or misleading information regarding a borrower or clients PIN Number.
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